List of $40 million in budget cuts presented to lawmakers

The impact of Vermont’s revenue shortfall became very real this afternoon. That’s when a list of nearly $40 million in budget cuts was presented to key lawmakers and the Douglas Administration. The group needs to select $25 million in reductions from the list in the next few days.

Four-year terms for state officers

Every two years, Vermonters go to the polls to elect the state’s constitutional officers. But a perennial statehouse debate asks the question, why not four-year terms? Bob Kinzel talks with Senators Jeannette White and Bill Doyle about the pros and cons of changing the length of one term in office. Also, a look back at the big stories in the news this week.

Inclusion: students with disabilities in the classroom

We talk with filmmaker Dan Habib and University of Vermont education professor Michael Giangreco about the concept of inclusion for students with disabilities, and how it plays out in the classroom. Also, reporter Erin Demuth Judd of the Glens Falls Post-Star tells us whether the north country will see an infusion of economic development aid from New York state. And we ring in the Chinese New Year with celebrants as they prepare banners for New Year’s Day on Thursday.

2007 Year in Review: Passages

In almost any year, some of the moving moments come when we pause to reflect on those who have left the stage during the past few months. And, as VPR’s Steve Delaney reports, there were some notable departures this year.

2007 Year in Review: Business

When things change in the business world, it often affects employment and the general economy. As VPR’s Steve Delaney reports, some of those stories during the past year involved one of the biggest names in business.

2007 Year in Review: Potpourri

In every collection of the year’s top stories, some fit neatly into categories. This is about politics, that’s a weather story. Others just won’t slide neatly into pigeon-holes. VPR’s Steve Delaney reports on some of these stories for our 2007 Year in Review.