Equal pay, equal work

In this program: Senator Patrick Leahy on the Senate’s vote on the bailout package, and unequal pay for women. The problem still persists – despite efforts to eliminate the pay gap, and legislation in Vermont that bars it. And, a local crusader on climate change gets training from Al Gore.

Women’s Film Festival underway in Brattleboro

For 17 years, film buffs and supporters of women in the arts have been gathering in Brattleboro for the annual Women’s Film Festival. VPR’s Jane Lindholm discusses a few of the 30 films being shown with the chair of the festival’s Film Selection Committee.

Recruiting Female Police Officers

A special effort is being made to recruit female police officers across the state. We talk with a veteran of the force and learn about a program that’s training more women to join policing. Also the Nametag Project, an effort to break down social barriers and build up community by getting people to introduce themselves.

Vermont Women

VPR offers a special series featuring the voices and stories of a cross-section of Vermont women about the lasting contributions women have made to our life and culture here in Vermont.