The Promised Land: Coastal Women for Change

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When Hurricane Katrina hit East Biloxi, Mississippi, it destroyed
Sharon Hanshaw’s home and the hairdressing business she had built over a
lifetime. It also transformed her from cosmetologist to activist.

After casually attending community meetings of women, she started
Coastal Women for Change (CWC), an organization that mobilizes women
around rebuilding Biloxi.  Hanshaw’s work
empowers women to be political voices in the reconstruction of their
community, especially concerning issues of lack of affordability,
emergency preparedness, and now, climate change.

Host Majora
Carter introduces us to Hanshaw and the women leaders who are stepping up to
create the Biloxi they need. Hanshaw tells the women she works with,
“I’m going to train you if it kills me. … You’re all going to be
powerful women.”

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