A Tiff Over TIFs

A Tax Increment Financing District is a complicated financial tool that helps towns invest in their infrastructure and promote economic development. But recent state audits of TIF districts reveal disagreement on the regulations that govern them.

FEMA Deadline Nears

State Auditor Tom Salmon is reminding municipalities that their forms requesting assistance must be submitted by the close of business October 17th.

Republicans Want To Avoid 2012 Primary

The political line up for Campaign 2012 should become clearer in the next month.  That’s because a group of prominent Republicans, who are considering a run for statewide office, will be meeting in early June to discuss their options. And the group’s goal is to avoid a tough GOP primary for the state’s top political offices.

Auditor Outlines Plan To Prevent Embezzlement

Vermont’s state auditor told lawmakers Tuesday that a key to stopping embezzlers is letting people who have access to public cash know that they’re being watched. He wants towns, agencies and non-profits required to complete a checklist of internal cash controls and to certify it.