Tax Commission Makes Its Recommendations

A special panel looking at Vermont’s tax system recommends lowering Vermont’s income taxes but also eliminating many deductions. The panel wants to reduce the sales tax rate. But it suggests broadening the tax to cover clothes and services.

Welch Urges Colleagues To Hold Their Ground On Tax Debate

The U.S. House voted today to extend the so called Bush income tax cuts, but only for families with incomes under $250,000 a year. Now, Congressman Peter Welch is urging Democratic leaders to hold their ground and not give in to Republican demands that the tax cuts be extended to the wealthy.

Nutrition Taxes And Labeling

Should we tax junk food and soda?  Should menus have calorie counts?  We talk with UVM nutritionist Rachel Johnson about food and nutrition issues.  Also, an update on the H1N1 virus, and a group of singing librarians!