Voices in the week’s news: April 3, 2009

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The State House was a bevy of activity this week – the 5-cent gas tax was approved, as was the State Budget and the same-sex marriage bill. These were some of the voices in the news this week:

Five cent gas tax moves forward in the House (3/31)

(Waterbury Representative Sue Minter)  "I vote yes to ensure we fulfill our obligation to fix our transportation infrastructure and create jobs and not allow the problems to get worse or expensive to fix and leave yet another unsolvable problem for the next generation."

House gives final approval to gas tax increase (4/2)

(Coventry Representative Michael Marcotte) "And asking my constituents to now give five cents more on a gallon of gas, I believe this will hurt my people that are out of work and trying to find work, that are unemployed."

2010 state budget wins preliminary House approval (4/2)

(House Appropriations chairwoman Martha Heath) "As your House Appropriations committee worked its way through the budget process, we got a clearer picture of the stimulus dollars that would be available. These dollars would clearly provide a significant opportunity to meet one of their stated purposes – stabilizing state budgets."

House gives strong preliminary support to same sex marriage bill (4/3)

(Burlington Representative Jason Lorber) "Why do we have to differentiate? Why do we have to say you are different? Why can’t we just say, congratulations?"

(Barre Town Representative Tom Koch) "But there are differences between the relationship between a man and woman and a same sex relationship and I believe that there is value in not confusing those relationships by applying the same term to them."

Vermont House endorses same-sex marriage in 95-52 preliminary vote (4/2)

(Representative Bill Lippert of Hinesburg) "In 2009 it’s time to move to full marriage equality. I am drawn to Mr. Benning’s concluding comment. ‘This is not just the right thing to do. It’s the Vermont thing to do.’ "



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