Rogue Planets Rocketing Through Space

Dartmouth Professor Gary Wegner hypothesizes that rogue planets are hurtling across the universe, VPR’s Bob Kinzel updates us on budget talks in Montpelier, we go north for a poutine-eating contest and pianist Ignat Solzhenitsyn performs.

State Budget Gets Initial Approval In Vt. House

The Vermont House has given its preliminary approval to the state budget for next year. The bill increases spending by roughly 6 percent and about half of the new spending is a response to damages caused by Tropical Storm Irene. Most Democrats voted for the bill and many Republicans voted against it.

House Takes Up 2013 State Budget

Members of the Vermont House are debating the $1.3 billion 2013 state budget Thursday. House Appropriations Committee Chairwoman Martha Heath says more than $16 million would be set aside in case of unanticipated challenges.

Outlook Mixed On Vermont’s Economy

The state’s unemployment rate dropped again giving Vermont one of the lowest rates in the country. But state revenues have fallen for the third month in a row, creating a $14 million hole in next year’s budget.

State Says Effects Of Federal Budget Cuts Are Months Away

There are more questions than answers about how budget cuts in the new federal debt ceiling law are going to affect the state of Vermont. Because the legislation sets target budget goals rather than identifying specific program cuts, the state’s budget commissioner says it could be months before the state has a clear picture of what the impact will be.