Lawmakers Advance Budget Bill

The Vermont Senate has advanced the 2012 budget by a vote of 28 to 1. Progressive Anthony Pollina cast the only ‘no’ vote. The budget calls for almost $4.7 billion in overall state spending.

Vermont House Passes 2012 Budget

The Vermont House passed the budget bill Friday evening by a vote of 95-34. Speaker Shap Smith said he was confident the House had passed "a responsible budget that balances the needs of Vermonters with the fiscal challenges that we face."

Mental Health Advocates Fight Proposed Budget Cuts

Governor Peter Shumlin’s budget would cut about $11 million from mental health programs. But advocates say the cuts would break a promise the state made 30 years ago when it made a fundamental change to the way mental health care is provided in Vermont. 

Lawmakers Face Divide: Cut Programs Or Raise Taxes?

When lawmakers begin the second half of the session next week, they’ll likely face a choice on how to balance the state budget. They’ll have to decide whether to cut human service programs or raise new taxes. It’s an issue that could divide some liberal legislators and Gov. Peter Shumlin.