Ski season, so far

Resorts in our area are working to draw in visitors, despite the high cost of skiing and riding. We’ll look at what people expect when they pay a high price for that lift ticket. Also, a Bennington County event brings together cross-country skiers to raise money for low-income heating assistance.

Midday Newscast: November 26, 2008

Here are the top stories at 12:10pm Some well-timed snow has gotten Vermont’s ski and snowboard season off to a start just in time for the holidays; drivers will see one of Vermont’s Thanksgiving traditions on the state’s highways tonight and through the weekend; more…

Tax advice to meet the April 15 deadline

The deadline for filing taxes looms large on the calendar. On the next Vermont Edition, we get advice from the pros. Also on the program, a court decision reaffirms the rules about who’s responsible for libelous information posted to blogs and other web sites. And a few teens get the thrill of meeting their snowboarding heroes at the U.S. Open at Stratton.

Midday Newscast: February 14, 2008

Vermont will be the center of the snowboarding universe for the next 10 days; Progressive Anthony Pollina has formally joined the race for governor and is urging supporters to united behind him; the Chittenden regional solid waste district hopes to take over the troubled Intervale composting operation.