Down By The Waterside

Last week the House passed a bill which would require all new construction within 250 feet of a lake shoreline to get a permit. We’ll discuss the pros and cons of lake-shore development restrictions.

Why so Blue?

The solid mass of "blue states" in the northeast spells concern for Republicans and we examine what can be learned from these trends. Also, issues of social class are explored through a theater performance, and artists transform old books into sculptural pieces in a provocative exhibit.

Gov. Jim Douglas

The GOP convention starts next week, and Vermont’s top Republican office-holder will be in attendance: Governor Jim Douglas. We talk with Douglas about John McCain’s choice for vice president, the prospects for Republican candidates in the November elections.

Republican leader Sara Gear Boyd dies at 67

Sara Gear Boyd is being remembered as a trail blazing, common sense political leader who had a strong impact at both the state and national level. During her state legislative career, she was the first woman in the country to serve as majority leader of both the House and the Senate. Gear Boyd died of cancer Tuesday morning at the age of 67. VPRs Bob Kinzel has more.