Midday Newscast: December 4, 2008

A new job training program will be launched this month to help 450 Vermonters improve their skills in everything from math to using computers; a shortage of physicians is an issue in provincial elections in Quebec next week; more…

Interview: Quebec faces shortage of doctors

Provincial elections take place in Quebec on Monday. One of the issues Quebecers will take into consideration is a growing shortage of doctors. Dr. Serge Dulude is Director of Planning at the Quebec Federation of General Practitioners, and says the numbers are alarming.

Midday Newscast: November 19, 2008

Paul Porier has defeated state Rep. Leo Valliere in a recount of the Barre representative; the Douglas administration hopes that the federal government can pay more for road and bridge repair; more…

Midday Newscast: July 2, 2008

Green Mountain Power promotes solar system usage; a contingent of Vermonters is in Quebec City to help commemorate the 400th anniversary of its founding. Vermonters can apply for emergency unemployment benefits soon; the Douglas administration says it can cut 150 government positions without harming public programs.

Canada’s apology to native people

Residential schools were part of Canada’s effort to force native Indians to assimilate. We learn about the painful legacy of these schools in Quebec, and what this week’s formal apology from Prime Minister Stephan Harper means to native communities.

Environmental groups plan Montreal utility protests

Office workers in Montreal may see an unusual sight today in the city’s downtown. Environmental groups plan to string a huge clothesline around the headquarters of Hydro-Quebec. It’s part of a new round of protests against the provincial utility’s plans to build new power projects in northern Quebec.