VPR Table: Pete’s Greens

A fire demolished Pete’s Greens barn on January 12th. Marialisa Calta returns to the VPR Table to reflect upon Pete’s Greens contribution to the local food economy. 

Eat Tweet: Foodies on Twitter

Tech savvy foodies can share their favorite ingredients and recipes on Twitter. "Follow" Marialisa Calta as she decodes "Eat Tweet," on The VPR Table Friday afternoon and Saturday morning.

Potlucks: A Veritable Smorgasbord

"Vermont may have more cooperative spirit than any other state in the country" Marialisa Calta tells us how to bring it to the table, tune in Friday at 5:55pm and Saturday at 8:55am for potluck tips.

Meatloaf: America’s Comfort Food

For this first edition of The VPR Table on VPR, Marialisa Calta offers a history lesson on meatloaf – it all started in the 5th century with peacocks!  She shares her advice on making marvelous meatloaf – and recipes!