Outdoor Grilling And Barbecuing

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There are lots of opinions about the best way to grill and barbecue; and there’s a confusing array of choices when it comes to equipment, techniques, sauces and rubs. Some say the secret is in careful preparation.  Others say its all in the way the food is cooked:  gas or wood, indirect or direct flame, slow-cooked or thrown on the grill. We talk with Vermont author and food columnist Marialisa Calta who created the recipes for "Al Roker’s Big Bad Book Of Barbecue" about how to make the most of your backyard cooking. And we hear from Chris Sargent, the Vermont
representative to the New England Barbecue Society. Listen

Post your BBQ secrets and tips below or write to vermontedition@vpr.net

Also this year’s Discover Jazz Festival in Burlington features the unveiling of a life-sized bronze statue of the late Big Joe Burrell.  Big Joe entertained Vermont audiences for nearly three decades.  We talk with Paul Aspell and Chuck Eller of the Unknown Blues Band about their years with the great singer and saxophonist.  Listen









Click here to see Marialisa Calta’s Pulled Pork recipe (pdf – 26kb) 




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