Voices From The Trail: The Draw

Whether it’s for a day, a week, or even a month, what draws people to the Long Trail? For Nick Rushford of Essex, there’ve been many reasons to hike the trail from end to end.

Summer Gardening Show

Charlie Nardozzi, host of VPR’s Vermont Garden Journal, answers your questions about helping your garden thrive. Also, "weed dating" helps farmers and gardeners find kindred souls, and a story of how the Long Trail prompted one woman to move to Vermont.

Voices From The Trail: Challenges

A reminder of some of the challenges of being out on the Long Trail. Whether it’s for a few days, or weeks at a time, there’s bound to be encounters with bugs, bad food, and rain, rain, rain.

Voices From The Trail: Taft Lodge

Thousands of us experience the Green Mountains up close every summer with a day on the Long Trail. Many hundreds more spend even more time on the trail, taking a few days to hike and spending the nights at a shelter along the way. Today, in our series, "The Long Trail: Vermont’s Footpath Through History," we learn what it’s like to overnight on the trail.

Voices From The Trail: Rough & Tumble

VPR’s Jane Lidholm talks with Jonathan Wahl and Leah Hunt, known, on the trail, as Rough and Tumble, two retirees who spend winters in Florida and summers in Vermont, where they can often be found on The Long Trail.

The Future Of The Long Trail

We talk with Green Mountain Club’s Executive Director about the challenges of preserving the Long Trail experience.  We also hear from two "End-to-End Mentors" with advice about hiking the trail’s length.  And we’ll discover about the pleasures of day-hiking the Long Trail.