Voices From The Trail: Camel’s Hump

All this month, VPR is celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Long Trail through our series, "The Long Trail: Vermont’s Footpath Through History." Today we hear from some of the people who spend time on the trail, to hike, camp or care for the historic footpath.

Long Trail: Volunteers Keep GMC Alive

All this week we’ve been looking at the history of the Long Trail as it reaches its 100th anniversary. Today, we turn to the Green Mountain Club itself. Volunteer members of the club built the trail and they maintain it to this day. The club still thrives because of their efforts.

Long Trail: Proposed Parkway Shapes GMC

In our series "The Long Trail: Vermont’s Footpath Through History," we’re looking at some of the milestones in the trail’s 100 year history. Today we return to the 1930s, when the Long Trail faced its biggest threat, and the Green Mountain Club was forced to reconsider its purpose.

Long Trail: 3 Musketeers Grab Nation’s Attention

In the 1920s, early hiking enthusiasts wanted to get attention for their creation of the Long Trail. Today we look at three young women who put the Long Trail on the map and made themselves quite famous in their day.

Long Trail: Tale Of Two Mountains

Two of the state’s most famous summits are connected by the Long Trail. But as VPR Commentator Tom Slayton explains, the mountains couldn’t be more different.

Long Trail: Early Leaders Leave Mark

One-hundred years ago, the Green Mountain Club was founded and construction of the Long Trail began. VPR is looking back this month at how the hiking trail has influenced the history and culture of the state. Today, VPR Commentator Tom Slayton introduces the early leaders of the Green Mountain Club.

Howard Dean Shares Long Trail Memories

During his terms in office former Governor Howard Dean worked with legislators to conserve much of the Long Trail. He spoke to VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb by phone from his home in Burlington, where he’s been recovering from hip surgery.

Collection Includes Rare Long Trail Photos

We return now to "The Long Trail: Vermont’s Footpath Through History," our series about the 100th anniversary of the trail. As nearly everyone knows, the trail runs 270 miles along the ridgeline of the Green Mountains. But a valuable part of the trail’s history isn’t in the mountains at all.

Inn At Long Trail, Welcome Break For Hikers

This month, VPR is airing "The Long Trail: Vermont’s Footpath Through History." We’ll explore a century on the trail, and its influence on the history and culture of Vermont. We begin in Killington at an intersection of the footpath and the highway, a spot where "end-to-enders" gather for rest and encouragement.