Athens Votes To Disband Library, Citing Expenses

Residents in the small Windham County town of Athens say they can no longer afford their public library. Athens says it’s hard to maintain the library in a difficult economy with few grants and other resources.

Libraries meet demands of a recession

A bad economy means more and more people are turning to resources at their local libraries.  We talk with State Librarian Martha Reid, and library directors Jerry Carbone and Cindy Karasinski.  Also, a look at how well funded the state’s pension and benefits funds are.

Guildhall Rejects Library Funding Measure

Guildhall’s welcome sign proclaims it  "the only town in the world so-named."  Visitors passing through this hamlet slow down to admire the marigold yellow library, a fine example of neo-Georgian architecture. But the library is rarely open, and won’t open its financial books, and that made it a hot button issue at last night’s town meeting.

Why so Blue?

The solid mass of "blue states" in the northeast spells concern for Republicans and we examine what can be learned from these trends. Also, issues of social class are explored through a theater performance, and artists transform old books into sculptural pieces in a provocative exhibit.