U.S. Labor Secretary Visiting VTC

U.S. Labor Secretary Hilda Solis will be in Randolph Tuesday, touring a dairy farm at Vermont Technical College. She’s here to highlight a training program that supports agricultural businesses.

Vt. Unemployment Climbs

Vermont’s unemployment rate has climbed again. The state Department of Labor says the rate for July was 5.7 percent. That’s up two-tenths of a percentage point from July.

Summer Jobs for Teens

For many teens, summer means punching a time clock at the local pool or creemee stand. But is this year’s tight economy affecting their ability to find a summer job? And what’s the value of teens working? Also, we talk with a UVM Professor who just won a James Beard award for her healthy cookbook.

Farmers worry about federal crackdown on immigrant workforce

The 2,000 immigrant workers on Vermont dairy farms have always had a risky job. Many of the dairy workers are here illegally, and they can be deported if caught by federal authorities. But now the farmers who hire them are also worried. Federal officials have vowed to crack down on employers who knowingly hire illegal labor.