Libraries meet demands of a recession

A bad economy means more and more people are turning to resources at their local libraries.  We talk with State Librarian Martha Reid, and library directors Jerry Carbone and Cindy Karasinski.  Also, a look at how well funded the state’s pension and benefits funds are.

Vermont makes short-term loans available to banks

Vermont state government says it will do its part to help resolve the national credit crisis. The state will make short-term investments totaling $13 million in local banks. The money will be used to make sure the banks have adequate working capital.

Interview: Jeb Spaulding on state bonds

Starting tomorrow Vermont will sell $50 million worth of bonds aimed at capital projects like government buildings and water improvement.  Vermont Treasurer Jeb Spaulding says there are a lot of good reasons for buying state bonds, and he says there’s a new incentive this year.