Midday Newscast: April 11, 2008

State Auditor Tom Salmon is announcing at this hour that he wants to keep his job for another two years; tens of thousands of small dead fish are washing up along the shores of Lake Champlain as the weather warms;  more…

Rural Broadband Access

High speed internet access doesn’t reach many rural areas of Vermont. In those spots, people still rely on slow and unreliable dial-up service. But now some small towns are banding together and finding ways to provide broadband services. We talk with some of the leaders of these grassroots efforts, and explore the challenges of bringing broadband statewide.

Montpelier students continue river cleanup tradition

A hardy group of 30 Montpelier High School students recently took to the Winooski River to haul out tires and in the process they also collected several bikes, a sleeping bag, assorted clothing, and even a Sony Playstation. Montpelier students have been cleaning up the river behind their school for more than 20 years. Producer Sarah Ashworth followed the students along the banks of the river and put together this audio postcard.

Weddings and High Drama

If you’ve attended more than your share of weddings this summer, you can be forgiven for feeling a little burned out on ceremonies, receptions and gift giving. But VPR’s Tim Johnson just came back from a wedding that left him feeling completely …. smitten.