Internet and Presidential Campaigns

The Internet’s role in the presidential campaign is breaking new ground with candidates gathering dollars and supporters online, and the advent of the YouTube Debate. We talk with Garrett Graff, author of the book, "The First Campaign," about new media in politics. Also in the program, Dr. Robert Shapiro explains the science of a migraine, and VPR’s Tim Johnson reflects on the genre of medical TV shows.

Interview: Garrett Graff, YearlyKOS convention

Here’s another indication that Presidential campaigns are paying closer attention to what goes on in cyberspace. Every major Democratic Presidential contender except Joe Biden attended the progressive bloggers YearlyKOS convention in Chicago last week. In contrast, not one candidate bothered going to the recent Democratic Leadership Council meeting in Tennessee. YearlyKos brings together what members call a Netroots community, who use the web to connect with non-partisan grassroots political action communities. Former Governor and current head of the DNC Howard Dean gave the keynote speech at YearlyKos, some 4 years after he used the Internet to burst on the scene as an early front runner for the 2004 Democratic Presidential nomination.Garrett Graff is editor-at-large for the Washingtonian Magazine and was at the convention. He spoke with VPR’s Mitch Wertlieb and says it revealed something very telling about today’s Democratic Party.