Foreign Executives Visit Future Business Site in Newport

In about a year, two new foreign companies expect to be operating in Newport at the site of a former skiwear manufacturer. AnC Bio, a Korean bio-tech firm, and Menck Windows, a German company, are the centerpiece of a $600 million economic development initiative promising to bring 10,000 jobs to the Northeast Kingdom.

Vermont’s Economy

Economic indicators only tell us so much. Incomes rose a little bit in Vermont last year and the state minimum wage rose on January 1st. But we still have over 5 percent unemployment, and new unemployment claims spiked in the first week of the new year. We’ll look at how our economy has fared in recent years, and what that might tell us about the year ahead.

Election 2012: It’s All About The Economy

Two Middlebury College political science professors say the results of the 2012 presidential campaign show that the election was largely determined by voters’ views on the economy and not on the day-to-day events that received a lot of attention from political pundits.