Debate Begins On ‘Death With Dignity’ Bill

The Senate Judiciary Committee is considering a bill that would allow patients to get medication to end their lives. The so-called "death with dignity" bill has been controversial in the Statehouse, and its prospects for passage remain uncertain.

Family Says Mallary Followed Convictions On Death With Dignity

Former House Speaker Richard Mallary was well known as a politician who stuck to his convictions. Mallary was a strong supporter of "death with dignity" legislation. In the past year, he also suffered from incurable cancer. Mallary’s family says he followed his convictions on this issue when he took his own life last fall.

Doctors’ Role In Decisions On Dying

Supporters call it "Death With Dignity" and opponents call it "Physician-Assisted Suicide." For both sides, the debate over whether physicians should be able to help people die is emotional and contentious.

Lawmakers Face Tough Bill On ‘Right To Die’

Legislation has been introduced at the Statehouse that will allow doctors to prescribe life ending medications to terminally ill patients. Supporters refer to it as "the Death with Dignity" bill, while opponents call it "physician assisted suicide."

‘Death With Dignity’ Advocates To Unveil Bill

Supporters of legislation allowing terminally ill patients to end their own lives plan to gather at the Vermont Statehouse to unveil legislation that would make Vermont the third state to allow the practice.