Clearing Your Desk And Your Mind

The relentless assault of modern communication has left many people utterly overwhelmed.  On this special broadcast of Humankind, David Allen, author of "Getting Things Done" discusses how to find clarity and focus in today’s world.

Budget standoff looms at Statehouse

Senate President Peter Shumlin says if the outline for a compromise isn’t reached by the weekend, lawmakers will forge ahead with a budget plan that Governor Jim Douglas will likely veto.

State budget crisis

This week nearly $20 million in budget cuts were proposed by the Douglas administration and the Joint Fiscal Committee, but they say that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Administration Secretary Neale Lunderville discusses the constantly shifting budget situation. Also on the program, how town budgets are taking a hit, and a new movie captures the spirit of Brattleboro’s Harmony Parking Lot.

About that retirement plan….

In this program: Experts have warned for years that Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement, but the unfolding financial crisis gives new urgency to that warning. Also, a 19th century Vermont painter’s images of Montpelier. And, a lesson in stacking firewood.