About that retirement plan….

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For years, experts have warned that Americans aren’t saving enough for retirement. Now, with a financial crisis unfolding, that warning takes on a new urgency. And for those who’ve been trying to save and invest, the turbulence of the last few weeks has caused dismay. We talk about retirement and how the changes on Wall Street might affect the way we approach it, with certified financial planner Brigette White, and with Jim Leddy, president of AARP Vermont.(Listen)


Also, Thomas Waterman Wood was one of Vermont’s most important nineteenth century painters and a lifelong Montpelier resident. His scenes of rural life still resonate today. We head to the T. W. Wood Gallery, where a new exhibit of his paintings are on display, to talk with Museum director Joyce Mandeville and exhibit curator Phillip Robertson. (Listen)

And curls of smoke from chimneys are becoming more common each morning as we head deep into Fall. Retired banker-farmer Tom Johnson gives us a lesson in the art of stacking firewood. His long, meticulously stacked woodpiles occasionally stop traffic on the road near his house in Dummerston.(Listen)

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