ECFiber Turns To Grassroots Business Model

Five years ago at Town Meeting, about two dozen towns from Montpelier to White River Junction voted to join ECFiber, a community based organization that promised to deliver high speed fiber optic broadband service to every household. Today ECFiber has been able to connect just a few hundred customers, and in the five years that have passed, its had to dramatically change its business model.

Vt. Measures Broadband Access With Complex Mapping

A few eyebrows were raised last month when the state announced that fully 95 percent of homes, businesses and institutions in Vermont are served by broadband. The figure is based on a complex mapping project, and there is an asterisk or two next to it.

Broadband Expands Its Reach In North Central Vt.

Governor Peter Shumlin helped Vermont’s Cloud alliance announce that it had added four new towers that will expand service to homes and businesses in Woodbury, Hardwick, Wolcott and parts of Elmore, Greensboro, Walden and Cabot.