Vermonters at the GOP Convention

Walter Freed and Brian Dubie join us from the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota to talk about the national ticket of McCain-Palin, and how Republican candidates in Vermont are approaching the November election.

Guantanamo Bay detainees

Three Vermont lawyers are doing pro bono work for detainees. They’ll explain the impact of last month’s Supreme Court ruling, and update us on the results of hearing on Tuesday that might clarify the next steps for court proceedings.

VPR Evening News September 18th, 2007

A prominent Vermont lawyer who represents a prisoner at Guantanamo Bay,Cuba, is concerned that the federal government is tapping his phones, A new study concludes the price tag to repair the states roads and bridges is larger than previously projected, Governors are the country are concerned about federal funding for a children’s health insurance program that is due to run out by the end of the month, and Commentator Bill Shubart wonders if local lessons can be drawn from the exodus of Bush Administration officials.