Vermonters at the GOP Convention

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The Democrats were front and center last week, but this week belongs to the GOP: We talk with two leading voices in Vermont’s Republican Party about the national ticket of McCain-Palin, and how Republican candidates in Vermont are approaching the November election. Walter Freed and Brian Dubie join us from the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul, Minnesota. (Listen)

Also in the program, water quality has deteriorated in Saint Albans Bay and some observers say it’s worse there than in Mississquoi Bay, which has been the focus of pollution worries in Lake Champlain. Environmental reporter Candace Page gives us an update. (Listen)


Comments and questions from listeners:


Steve from South Burlington:

I would appreciate the lieutenant governor addressing the issue that the VP nominee ran as governor of Alaska supporting the "bridge to nowhere." Also, [Joe] Lieberman does not belong to the Democratic Party – he has stated twice on your program that he is a Democratic Party member. Truth is important. Finally, I am an independent who has Democratic Party leanings – however I support Governor [Jim] Douglas, whom I consider to be a moderate Republican.

Stepp from East Rupert:
Gov. Palin stopped the "bridge to nowhere" because of the bad publicity for Alaska and was worried about their not being able to get more money out of Washington due to the bad publicity.

Tom from Richmond:
Walter Freed should be scolded for trying to start a rumor about Geraldine Ferraro endorsing Palin. There is nothing – nothing – on the Internet concerning this. Mr. Freed is guilty of propagandizing. Furthermore, Dubie stated that 90% of Alaska is under federal control. Wrong. In fact, it’s 69%. These guys make terrible spin masters.

Geoff from Waterville:
I find it ironic to say the least for Brian Dubie to say that politics and personal life don’t mix as his response to comments on Palin’s family matters. Everyone knows that is not the case: any candidate is examined head to toe for skeletons in the closet. Republicans had a field day with Clinton’s impeachment hearings.


[Sarah Palin] wanted the "bridge to nowhere" and
only went against it after it lost the congressional line item. She
also does not believe that global warming is a man-made crisis. How
does this fit with John McCain? She is everything a progressive woman
such as myself would never, ever support.

[Dubie] just made a statement about the "Bridge to Nowhere." [Sarah
Palin] was fully supportive of that bridge until late in the game. She
kept the "pork" dollars and did not return that money, and is, in fact,
using some of the money to build the access roads to that project. The
record shows that she was very active lobbying for and gaining money
for earmarks, and, in fact, traveled to DC herself as governor to make
sure to acquire millions for Alaska. Please, let’s not now state that
Palin is somehow above and beyond playing that game. She is and was the
best at that.



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