Keeping the arts in business

This economy has people in Vermont’s arts scene looking at practical questions of keeping community theater, gallery exhibitions and music festivals in business.  Also, two Vermont rivers may earn the congressional designation of "wild and scenic." And VPR’s Steve Zind continues our series of reports from Iran.

Where to find $30 million?

With state revenues lagging, officials are grappling with how to cut $30 million from the budget. We’ll talk with a legislative leader and a member of the administration about what cuts are being contemplated. Also: A Vermont author tells us how to live with pigs. And a Vermont band from the early 1960s reunites.

Public input sought for wildlife management plans

Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department says the health of the state’s big-game species is generally good. Biologists say they want that to continue. So they’re drafting new policies that will guide wildlife management for the next decade. VPR’s Ross Sneyd reports.

Budget constraints could end inmate program

When prisoners are released from jail, they often lack the basic necessities of life: a job, transportation – even a place to live. An innovative effort that involves volunteers from the community tries to fill in some of these gaps. But budget constraints may end the program.

Ways and Means Committee reviews privacy concerns

The House Ways and Means Committee is reviewing privacy concerns associated with the state’s new property tax rebate and prebate system. Some lawmakers on the panel think this issue is being blown out of proportion for political purposes.