Where to find $30 million?

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Lawmakers and state officials face some tough choices as they prepare to cut $30 million from the general fund budget. Where should the cuts be made? Should they draw from the state’s rainy day fund? Are increased taxes off the table? What about the planned boost to the transportation fund? We’ll talk with Lamoille County Democrat Susan Bartlett and Administration Secretary Michael Smith about what’s on the table and what’s not. (Listen)

Also in the program, Vermont author and farmer Chuck Wooster. His new book is Living With Pigs. It’s a guide to choosing, training, caring for and (gulp) slaughtering your pig. We’ll visit Wooster on the farm to see how it’s done.(Listen)

Finally, a profile of Mike and the Ravens. Their fans have been waiting 46 years for their new CD. The last time the Vermont band entered the studio was in 1962. The band members are not only alive – they’re kickin’! (Listen)

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