Alzheimer’s in the Family

If you knew you were going to get Alzheimer’s disease, how would you live your life differently? What would you want your family and loved ones to do when you no longer remembered them? We’ll talk with Nancy Bercaw, author of a new memoir about dealing with Alzheimer’s in the family.

Radio Lab: The Soul Patch

This week on Radiolab, the "Soul Patch" is not the way you style your facial hair, but the duct tape that keeps your life from falling apart. We’ll explore stories of unlikely (and surprisingly simple) answers to seemingly unsolvable problems. 

Memory Loss and Alzheimer’s

We talk with two Vermonters – a medical researcher and a reporter – about the cutting edge work underway to understand and treat memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease. We’ll also hear from farmers about the difficult loss when a farm animal dies unexpectedly.