Remembering Terezín

This year marks the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Terezín concentration camp. VPR and VPR Classical commemorate the event in music, and stories.  

The Morning News

This morning, we listen to new recordings and new additions to the VPR Classical library.  We love to show you where your dollars go!

Saturday Specials

Walter Parker and Joe Goetz have a special morning of music planned, including the premiere of many new recordings from the VPR music library. Then at Noon, it’s an encore of the exciting annual "American Musical Sampler" program on Saturday Afternoon at the Opera with Peter Fox Smith! 

Saturday Specials on VPR Classical

This Saturday will be filled with the sounds of dance music, new additions to our music library, and an afternoon of opera favorites and new discoveries. Join Walter Parker, Joe Goetz, Peter Fox Smith and Cheryl Willoughby for a special day of music!

The Best of VPR Classical New Recordings

Over the past few months, I’ve been featuring new recordings and new additions to the VPR Classical music library on Friday afternoons.  This morning we’ll listen to some of the best of those recordings, and maybe even throw in a few brand new ones.

Blanche Moyse 100th Birthday Celebration

September 23 marks the 100th birthday of Blanche Honegger Moyse, one of the founders of the Marlboro Music Festival, and founder of the Brattleboro Music Center.  VPR Classical celebrates her incalculable musical legacy with special programming throughout the day.

The Morning News

Taking a look at new additions to the VPR Classical Library…all thanks to your support!  Old recordings that we didn’t have, and new recordings hot off the press…you’ll hear it all this morning.