VPR and NPR Coverage of the Presidential Primaries

In addition to our coverage in All Things Considered, VPR and NPR will offer a two-hour call in special this evening. Listeners have the chance to react to and discuss the evening’s results. Neal Conan will host our special, which will air from 10PM-12 midnight ET.

The Indiana and North Carolina Primaries

Join us for an NPR News Special Wednesday, May 7 at 2 PM ET. NPR’s Neal Conan and offers the latest news as well as reaction and analysis of Tuesday’s results in the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries. Listen to this Live NPR News Special on VPR.

The Pennsylvania Primary: NPR Special Coverage on VPR

Listen for an indepth report on the Pennsylvania Primaries Wednesday April 23 at 2pm on VPR. NPR will provide reaction and analysis of Tuesday’s results from voters as well as political experts. We’ll also look ahead to the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries on May 6. You’re invited to call in with your thoughts. That’s Wednesday afternoon at 2pm on VPR.

VPR coverage of Town Meeting Day and the Vermont Primary

Join VPR and NPR for full coverage of the day’s political activities across Vermont and the country. At 7pm, tune in for VPR’s coverage of Town Meeting Day, hosted by VPR’s Steve Delaney. At 8:30pm, VPR joins NPR’s All Things Considered for updated primary coverage. At 10:00pm, NPR’s Robert Siegel and Melissa Block host NPR’s Primary Special recapping results in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

VPR and NPR Coverage of the Potomac Primaries

One week after Super Tuesday, voters in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia will go to the polls; their votes may force some candidates to leave the race and possibly anoint either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack Obama as the leading contender for the Democratic ticket. NPR’s Melissa Block and Michele Norris host live coverage of the Potomac Primaries 10 PM ET, Tuesday, February 12 on VPR.

VPR and NPR Coverage of the Super Tuesday primaries

Voters in more than 20 states cast their votes in the presidential primaries on Super Tuesday, determining roughly half of the delegates for both major parties. Join VPR and NPR for a special program recapping the results of yesterday’s Super Tuesday primaries, today at 2pm, on VPR.

VPR and NPR Coverage of the New Hampshire Primary

Hosted by NPR’s Neal Conan, we’ll discuss the results of the primary and its implications for "Super Tuesday" on February 5. Click here for the Election 2008 Homepage, including the latest details about election coverage, links to articles and interviews, and election resources. Check out the "Select a Candidate" online survey, which helps you figure out which candidates align with your own views.

Democratic Presidential Debate Live on VPR

On Tuesday, NPR and Iowa Public Radio will host a Democratic presidential candidates’ debate and VPR will carry live coverage. NPR will select some of your questions to ask the candidates during the debate. Submit your question and tune in Tuesday at 2pm for live coverage on VPR. (AP Photo/Bill Sikes) LISTEN Live at 2PM. Click here to Listen Online.