VPR and NPR Coverage of the Potomac Primaries

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Super Tuesday
solidified Senator John McCain’s
"front runner" status for the Republican Nomination but Mike Huckabee and Representative Ron Paul remain in the race.
no clear "front runner" emerged for the Democrats. One week
after Super Tuesday, voters in Maryland, Virginia and the District of
will go to the polls; their votes may force some candidates to leave
the race
and possibly anoint either Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Barack
Obama as the
leading contender for the Democratic ticket.

NPR News will offer
live, anchored coverage of the Potomac
Primaries 10 PM ET, Tuesday, February 12. NPR’s Melissa Block and
Michele Norris will host
this special.

Click here to Listen Online or to view the VPR Schedule

Click here for NPR’s Election Coverage


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