Year enders

While other journalists are reflecting on the biggest news stories of 2003, commentator Bill Seamans recalls a few that didn’t make the top ten list.

Assisted suicide bill unlikely to leave committee

Legislative leaders say it’s unlikely that a bill to legalize assisted suicide will pass this year. The chairmen of both the House and Senate Health and Welfare Committees are leery of the legislation. But proponents say the issue deserves attention in the Statehouse.

Powerball revenues higher than expected

State lottery officials say they’re very pleased with the performance of PowerBall in Vermont over the past six months. Tickets sales are higher than projections, largely due to several huge jackpots.

Ban on downer cows impacts farm economy

More impacts from the mad cow disease scare are being felt in Vermont’s dairy industry. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has banned sales of meat from so-called “downer” cows – animals that are injured or too sick to walk.

Child dies of influenza

The Vermont Health Department says a two-year-old Windsor County child died from the flu earlier this week. Officials say the child had a serious, pre-existing medical condition.

Moonlight in Vermont rings in New Year

It’s likely that somewhere on New Year’s Eve, when the lights dim on the dance floor, a Vermont musical icon will be played. In 1944, a new song gave the world an image of Vermont that included falling leaves, ski trails and the evening summer breeze. The 13-line song became a standard that is still sung today.

Midday Report: Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Top stories developing across the region at the noon hour: Howard Dean’s campaign is working toward a fundraising record for this reporting quarter, which ends today; Senate President Pro Tempore Peter Welch discusses the second half of the Legislative biennium; First Night festivities are gearing up in several towns around the state; more….