Ken Burns: No Ordinary Lives

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Acclaimed filmmaker Ken Burns’ documentary "The War" explores the mostintimate human dimensions of World War II. This worldwide catastrophe touchedthe lives of every family in America. In this "VPR Presents," Burns reminds us that inextraordinary times, there are no ordinary lives.

Burns spoke January 2, 2008 as part of the First WednesdaysLecture Series presented by the Vermont Humanities Council. It was recorded by the VHC at the LatchisTheatre in Brattleboro. Additional collaborators include the Brattleboro Arts Initiative, Brroks Memorial Library and the Brattleboro Museum and Arts Center.

Burns has been making films from more than 30 years. He has directed and produced some of the most acclaimed historical documentary films ever made, including: "The War," "The Civil War," "Baseball," and "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery." Historian Steven Ambrose has said of Ken Burns’ films: "More Americans get their history from Ken Burns then from anyother source." Born in Brooklyn 1953, Burns is a 1975 graduate of Hampshire college. He lives with his family in Walpole, NH.


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