Zetterstrom, Osprey Advocate, Dies

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(Host) A longtime advocate of restoring Vermont’s wild osprey population has died.

Meeri Zetterstrom lived in a log cabin overlooking Lake Arrowhead in Milton for almost 50 years.

After her husband’s death in 1988, she dedicated herself to restoring osprey to Lake Arrowhead – and then to the entire state.

Zetterstrom persuaded Central Vermont Public Service Corporation to join her cause. Steve Costello is a spokesman for the utility.

(Zetterstrom) "She had an incredible amount of energy, determination     and a real knack for getting people to do what she wanted them to do. She could cajole, shame, it didn’t matter, she would use any method to get people to help her and she was just so dedicated it was very hard to say, ‘No’ to her."

(Host) In part because of Zetterstrom’s work, the osprey population recovered and the bird was taken off the endangered species list in 2005.

Central Vermont Public Service recently named an environmental award in Zetterstrom’s honor.

Zetterstrom died Sunday at a health care and rehabilitation center in St. Albans. She was 88.

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