Voices in the week’s news: September 11, 2009

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Layoffs of more state workers appeared imminent, the National Guard’s mission in Afghanistan remained unclear, FairPoint faced regulators’ questions, Tom Salmon switched parties and Brian Dubie continued to mull a run for governor. These were some of the voices in the news this week:


Frustrations flare over state worker layoffs (9/10)

(Jes Kraus, director of the state employees union)  "Everybody but the administration appears to see the wisdom of solving a short-term stop-gap measure to avoid 200 to 300 people going out the door next Friday by accepting VSEA’s proposal."

Dubie says it’s too early to say what Guard’s mission will be in Afghanistan (9/8)

(Vermont National Guard Adjutant General Michael Dubie) "Unlike what we originally planned on, we may have a specific area that we’re responsible for.  And inside that area we will have other missions in addition to training and mentoring."

Regulators question FairPoint officials at hearing (9/10)

(FairPoint David Hauser)  "I have a huge sense of urgency.  Let’s face it, Northern New England is what makes or breaks FairPoint – now and tomorrow and next week as far as I can see."

Salmon says he’s leaving the Democratic Party, will run with GOP (9/8)

(State Auditor Tom Salmon) "The party that my father was governor in and the party that I had planned to join is not the party that I grew up in. So, in many ways, I’m not leaving the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me and tens of other thousands of people in a reunion with the Progressive Party."

Dubie mulls over a run for Governor (9/10)

(Lt. Governor Brian Dubie) "That type of challenge is personally appealing to me and trying to do a realistic assessment of who I am and what my track record has been either on a school board or Lt. Governor that’s what leads me to really become close to making a decision about stepping up and running for the office of Governor for the state of Vermont."

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