Voices In The Week’s News: July 13, 2012

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Congressman Peter Welch weight in on the Farm Bill that’s just been adopted by the House Agriculture committee, Vermont is set to receive several hundred million dollars in new Medicaid funds as part of the Affordable Care Act, CapeAir added another flight to Boston from Rutland, and Governor Peter Shumlin says a recent survey of local companies found more than 2,100 job vacancies.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

State Reorganizes Some Airports To Improve Bottom Line   

(Guy Rouelle ) "It’s in the right place in the state and it’s a good partnership we have with them," he said. "It’s a JetBlue code share. So you can fly to Boston, and then fly to China, from Rutland."

Shumlin Touts Job Openings, Encourages Recent Grads To Fill Them 

(Peter Shumlin) "The message: cheer up. Vermont has jobs," he says. "We’re doing better than many other states. We have more work to do. And we’re going to use the Department of Labor’s efforts to ensure that we use technology to get the word out so that we can fill the jobs that we have."

(Nicole Ainsworth) "The biggest problem that we saw was that a lot of jobs for these employers required highly specialized skills," she says. "But the majority of them, they’re able to find the skills in Vermont. It’s just a matter of connecting the labor force with the jobs."

Welch: Farm Bill Carries Good News, Bad News For Vt.

(Peter Welch) "I think this grass roots effort by Vermont farmers from start to finish working together to come up with a sensible plan, working with colleagues in other parts of the country to advocate to their members of Congress, I think that made a huge difference."

Vermont Set To Increase Medicaid Eligibility With Federal Money

(Mark Larson) "Enrolling that group of Vermonters who currently are eligible but not enrolled is one of the big goals of Vermont’s efforts around the Affordable Care Act," Larson said, "providing better coverage to those Vermonters will improve their help as well as improve the financing of our whole health system."

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