Future Of Farm Bill Uncertain

There’s a growing possibility that Congress will allow the current Farm Bill to expire at the end of this month, is why Congressman Peter Welch is trying to force a vote on a new bill that has important provisions for the state’s dairy industry.

Welch: Farm Bill Carries Good News, Bad News For Vt.

The House Agriculture committee has adopted a plan that allows farmers to purchase a special insurance policy that would reimburse them whenever milk prices dropped below the cost of production. The bill also cuts the Food Stamp program by $16 billion over the next 10 years.

U.S. Senate Takes Up Farm Bill

The U.S. Senate has just started a lengthy debate over a new Farm bill – a process that happens every five years. The proposal cuts current spending levels by roughly $24 billion over the next ten years and the plan also includes a new way to protect dairy farmers from wild swings in milk prices.