Voices In The Week’s News: January 15, 2010

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Health care hearings were held in Montpelier, heavy trucks were allowed on Vermont’s interstates, a new Champlain Bridge design was approved, Vermonters looked to help Haitian earthquake victims and artist Stephen Huneck and jazz singer Sandra Wright were remembered.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Hundreds Turn Out For Health Care Meeting (1/13)

(Senator Bernie Sanders) "We have an historic opportunity, not only for the people of this state, but for the people of America, of leading this country forward in terms of a cost-effective, comprehensive, universal health care system. And if Vermont goes forward, other states will follow."

Heavy Trucks Now Legal On Interstate (1/13)

(House Transportation chairman Pat Brennan)  "It’s a great thing to get these trucks off our local towns. It’s a safety issue it’s a congestion issue and I think Vermonters will see the fruits of this effort in times to come and put these trucks on the interstate where they belong."

Vermont, NY Settle On Champlain Bridge Design (1/14)

(Governor Jim Douglas) "Most importantly I think is to have a structure that is done quickly, that is adequate in terms of strength and width to accommodate large vehicles, pedestrians, bicycles, and to have it up and running as fast as we can."

Vermonters Look To Help Victims In Haiti (1/14/10)

(Carolyn Meub, executive director, Pure Water for the World) "We’re in the process of collecting names of nurses and EMTS and paramedics – any other health care workers that want to go to Haiti – so that when the time comes and the time will probably be over an extended period of time not just immediately but that we’ll have those names ready to go so people can be part of the relief effort."

Dog Mountain Employees Remember Huneck (1/14)

(Will Eason) "I would say Steve’s heart is as big as his laugh, when you really get him going. Man he had a chuckle on him and a heart of gold. You could see it in his art, a sense of humor. You know, he’s always good for a witty comeback or a joke."

Vermont Blues Singer Sandra Wright Dies (1/12)

(Terry Youk, musician, Montpelier) "She would just open up and shine.  It’s a huge blow to the Vermont music audience as well as to the musicians who have played with Sandra all these years, and she will be missed."



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