Vermonters talking about inauguration

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(Host) Many Vermonters will be glued to their radios and television sets at noon when Barack Obama is sworn in as president of the United States.

VPR News has been talking to people about the inauguration.

Some have been looking forward to today for months. Others say they don’t have any special plans for the occasion.

Here are three more.

“My name’s Jessica DeLorme. I’m from Middlebury, Vermont. … I guess I’m excited. It’s nice to see somebody new and hopefully he’ll help us. We’ve been in a crisis and he seems like a good guy. I think it’s going to be very nice.”

“Betsy Vick from Ferrisburgh, Vermont. I will watch the inauguration. I’m very excited and inspired to watch a new president come in and excited to be a part of a country that has been able to vote for a different ethnicity and I think we’ll be a more united United States.”

“My name is Dave Pidgeon and I live in New Haven, Vermont. I personally am not very excited as a younger person would be about the inauguration coming up. I have seen them all since, I think, Eisenhower and I feel up here it doesn’t make any difference to me and my life who is party is in down in Washington because they really just do whatever they want.”

(Host) Vermonters reflecting on today’s inauguration.

VPR will carry live coverage of the events in Washington today starting at 10 a.m.

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