Voices in the weeks news: January 23, 2009

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The Inauguration of President Obama was on everyone’s mind this week and Vermont was well represented in Washington. Train advocates rallied in Rutland to protest plans to discontinue Amtrak service there. The governor’s plan to eliminate VPharm also came under fire. And the Vermont Senate approved a sex offender law.

These were some of the voices in this week’s news:

Vermont band heads to Inaugural

(Brattleboro Union High School Marching Band Director Steve Rice) "For many years I had entertained the idea of having a band apply to be in an inaugural parade. And at some point this year I said to myself that this was probably going to be a very historically significant election and if there was ever a time that I was going to do this it would be this year."

Stowe woman to attend second inauguration

(April Taylor) "It’s neat for me, for the kids to see somebody of color is going to be the president. I’m going to cry. These children are all foreign born. So they can’t ever run for office, so that’s not the point. The point is anybody can do this. It really means for the first time that anybody can do this.”

Train advocates rally in support of Amtrak

(Alex Pritchard of Hubbardton) "They had bus routes here before – Greyhound and the rest of’ em – they’re not even here anymore. And this railroad – since they put this spur back in service again – it took a little time for people to get used to it. But we use it quite often to go down to New York City and beyond."

Douglas plan to eliminate Rx subsidy comes under fire

(Brenda Viens) "If we didn’t have this VPharm program he wouldn’t be taking all of his medications. I myself am a diabetic. One of my medications… is $526 for a three month prescription. $526. We live on a $2000 a month Social Security combined."

Sex offender bill wins early approval in Senate

(Judiciary Committee Chairman Senator Richard Sears) "No single piece of legislation is going to stop family violence. But I think that this bill, the comprehensive nature of it, will result in better outcomes for Vermont kids. That’s what’s really important."

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