Vermont tree lights up Capitol

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(Host) Vermont was on display last night in Washington. After its long journey- the Green Mountain fir chosen as the Capitol Christmas tree is now lighting up the D.C. skyline.

Jodi Breisler was there and she sent this audio postcard, beginning with the Mount Anthony Union High School Chamber Singers.

(Jingle Bell Rock)

(Briesler) The tree, the dignitaries and even the music were all Vermont.

(Bring Music Up)

(Briesler) In the snow filled twilight, it felt more like Montpelier than Washington DC. Senator Bernie Sanders told the crowd .

(Sanders) "Here in Washington D.C. for the holiday seasons- we have brought Vermont weather! What an accomplishment."

After Vermont’s other Congress members spoke- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hit the switch.

(Pelosi) "All right, so let’s do this. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you. Thank you Vermont."

(Briesler) Pelosi lit the 55 foot balsam fir on the West Lawn of the Capitol. Awash in multicolored, energy efficient lights, the tree held over forty five hundred ornaments made throughout Vermont.

Photographer Lee Krohn traveled with the tree from the initial chopping to the final lighting. He says from growing the tree to bringing the tree on vintage Mack trucks to the lighting ceremony- the whole journey was worth it.

(Krohn) "People throughout the state really joined in this whole celebration. Again it was trying to bring the joy and spirit of the holidays from Vermont to America."

(Briesler) The tree will stay lit on evenings through the holiday season.

For Vermont Public Radio, I’m Jodi Breisler on Capitol Hill.


AP Photo/Lawrence Jackson

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