Vermont, New Hampshire to get federal stimulus money

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Vermont’s congressional delegation is hoping tens of millions of dollars in public construction projects could get under way this spring to help revive the sagging economy.

Senator Bernie Sanders and Congressman Peter Welch say the state could get $1 billion in federal stimulus money over the next two years.

The money would be used to fund highway and bridge projects, pay for energy efficiency programs, help lower property taxes and perhaps save some of the state jobs that are on the chopping block.

In New Hampshire, Democratic Congressman Paul Hodes says the state will also get a  boost the federal stimulus package.

Hodes told local officials Monday that the roughly $300 million slated for New Hampshire would fund several projects, including state highway renovations, expanded broadband access and school repairs.

Hodes said Governor John Lynch would appoint someone to oversee the distribution of funds in New Hampshire. Lynch’s spokesman said the governor’s office would have more to say about that in the next few days.

Congress is considering an $850 billion stimulus package that officials hope will be passed by President’s Day next month.

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