Vermont Delegation Warns Of Shutdown Consequences

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(Host) Vermont’s congressional delegation is speaking out about the possibility of a federal government shutdown.

Congressman Peter Welch gave a speech on the floor of the House today. He warned that the inability to settle on a budget for the remaining six months of the year puts the country in a bad light internationally.

(Welch) "We are playing with fire here. The biggest problem I have with the proposals that have been made fiscally on the other side in my view is that they’re designed to fail. It’s not that there isn’t a legitimate concern about spending and getting our fiscal house in order. You’re right about that. But if we’re going to get from here to there, you cannot attack 100 percent of the problem on 12 percent of the budget."

(Host) Senator Patrick Leahy also expressed his concerns about the stalemate between President Obama and congressional leaders.

In a speech on the Senate floor, he questioned what will happen to members of the military and their families, who may not get paychecks if there’s a shutdown.

(Leahy) "The possibility of a government shutdown is very real because a relative few are willing to play politics and brinksmanship at a time when the public wants basic, unadorned statesmanship. They want Republicans and Democrats to also act as if they have a stake in the course of our government."

(Host) Funding for the government expires Friday.

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