Timetable Set For Heating Project

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(Host) City officials in Montpelier say they hope to begin construction on a wood-fired heating system for the downtown district next year.

City voters approved a $2.75 million bond earlier this month to help pay for the $20 million project.

A state heating plant will be expanded so it can burn enough wood chips to heat state and municipal buildings throughout downtown Montpelier.

City Planner Gwen Hallsmith says the goal is also to expand to private businesses.

(Hallsmith) "We’ve been working hard over the last year to identify the private buildings along the route that the pipeline is taking to see if they’re willing to hook on and interested in hooking on. And our results so far have been a resounding positive response. So we’re hopeful that a number of the buildings in the downtown will also be able to take advantage of the reliable, renewable, affordable local energy that wood represents."

(Host) Some of the funding for the project also comes from the federal stimulus package.


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