Three Weeks After Floods, Red Cross Shelter Closes

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(Host) A Red Cross shelter for flood victims in Barre is set to close Thursday evening, three weeks after opening its doors. 

The shelter housed and fed over 120 people beginning on May 26th, the first night of flash floods in central Vermont. That number dropped to nine residents as of this week.

Doug Bishop is with the regional chapter of the Red Cross.

(Bishop) "Folks have gotten themselves resituated either back at home, they’ve made some sort of other arrangements, or the Red Cross has worked very hard to make sure that the shelter residents were connected with local and state resources that work to help people with the long-term housing needs they may have."  

(Host) Bishop says the next phase of the organization’s ongoing recovery operation is being implemented.

(Bishop) "We’re getting out and making sure people have cleanup tools that they need, that’s everything from our Red Cross cleanup kits to shovels rakes and hoses, we’re working with other voluntary organizations who have come in from out of state to lend them support." 

(Host) Bishop says that in addition to working with state and local officials, the Red Cross will be coordinating with FEMA representatives as well. 

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