The Lake Champlain Floods, One Year Later

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time last spring, Lake
Champlain was still rising,
inundating homes, roads, fields and businesses. It had not yet hit its record
high of more than 103 feet – that happened on May 6. But for just over two
months, the lake was above flood stage. The impact, on residents in communities
all along the lake, and on the environment was significant, though some of the
long-term impacts on the lake itself are not yet known. We talk to Mike Winslow,
staff scientist for the Lake Champlain Committee and author of Lake
, A Natural History, and Candace Page, an environmental reporter for the Burlington Free
Press, about the short and long term impact of last spring’s floods, and a
renewed interest that’s been sparked in flood control.

on the program, the Vermont Workers Center is organizing a May Day workers rally at the
Statehouse May 1. We talk with organizers about why
they say our economic and political system disadvantages average people, and
why they are rallying to "Put People First" in health care and other issues.

VPR News: Lake Champlain Floods of 2011

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