State Works To Make Access Roads Passable

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(Host) Road crews have been working around the clock to get access to about a dozen communities cut off by destroyed bridges and roads.

This morning, an ATV hauling water made its way into Wardsboro – the last to be reached of the 13 towns that were left isolated by the damages from Tropical Storm Irene.

But the makeshift roads are quite limited, and for emergency access only. Deputy Transportation Secretary Sue Minter says the next step is to make those roads passable for regular travel.

Minter says Vermont is getting help from the Army National Guard and others around the country:

(Minter)  We’re amassing temporary bridges from around the country at this point because we know we’re going to need to deploy them…So, we’re assessing everywhere what it’s going to take to get from here to passable, real  travel, in as short a time as possible."

(Host) Minter says one priority is to re-establish east-west travel in southern Vermont and she expects that will happen before winter.



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