Slide Show: Champlain Recedes, Imperceptibly

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(Host) Lake Champlain has begun to recede from its record-setting levels, but it’s still nearly three feet above flood stage.

Many residents and businesses up and down the lake say the drop in water is imperceptible.

There’s no rain in the immediate weather forecast, but conditions are still expected to worsen as winds pick up across the lake.

Mark Bosma of Vermont Emergency Management says his agency is keeping a close eye on wind speed, and direction.

(Bosma) "It’s a big concern. If you get strong winds, say yesterday there were gusts coming out of the north and I saw one road in Shelburne with a north-facing house that was just, it was flooded. And the water is supposed to be receding but this was new flooding and it was simply because the water was being pushed toward the home."

(Host) Transportation Agency officials spent the weekend working on roads to keep them open.
The Route Two causeway between Milton and the Lake Champlain Islands has been a particular challenge.

VTrans Deputy Secretary Sue Minter says work is still under way there.

(Minter) "We do have upcoming wind and we are continuing to armor, as we call it, to shield and protect those key arteries connecting the mainland to the islands, particularly Route 2."

(Host) Route 78 in Highgate and Alburgh has also been a problem, but it is also stabilized.

VTrans asks motorists to keep their speeds down as they pass through the problem areas. And Minter encouraged anyone who doesn’t need to be along the lakeshore to stay away so emergency and construction vehicles have access.

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